Our Program Focus Areas

Gender and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights

ONG is building capacity of grassroots youth, women’s and men’s groups to increase gender awareness and the eradication of bad traditional norms, harmful practices, and stereotypes which exacerbate gender-based violence (FGM, early and forced marriage).  We also strengthen the capacity of the community members to prevent and respond to gender-based violence (GBV) and harmful practices such as female genital mutilation (FGM), Rape, and child, early and forced marriage; We provide free, accessible and legal aid services to ensure justice and speedy resolutions of matters on violence against women, girls and children. We also conduct dissemination activities (seminars, advocacy campaigns, symposia, and focused discussions) to share information on prevalence and the consequences of violence against women, girls and children.

Also, Okoa New Generation is raising women and young people’s awareness on sexual and reproductive health issues through our peer educator model, using women and youth friendly facilitation techniques including drama, music, dance, role play and trigger videos. We partner with CSOs to implement comprehensive programs to reach marginalized women, youth and adolescent girls on sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR), HIV//AIDS program, community-based behavior change communication (CBBCC) and life skills education programs that safeguard and promote human rights and gender equality. We are partnering with CSOs to deliver women and youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health programs, including awareness-raising events in the communities, ONG support women and young people to assess the quality of Sexual Reproductive Health services available in their local area and engage directly with local government to make recommendations for improvements.

Specifically, ONG stresses on

  • Promote inclusive education for children and adolescent girls with disabilities
  • Promote orphans and vulnerable children’s (OVC) especially those affected by HIV and AIDS. access to HIV health services, primary and secondary education.
  • Nutrition Education and Access to nutritional food among poor people living with HIV and orphans and vulnerable children’s (OVC)
  • ONG working to challenge harmful gender norms and practices that increase women's and adolescent girls' risk of acquiring HIV.
  • ONG working to Enhance men involvement in prevention of HIV/AIDS infection.

Livelihood and Economic Empowerment

Governance, Accountability and Civic Engagement

We are training our target group to understand and engage with government structures at local and national level. We support beneficiaries to track service availability in their communities and report their findings to decisionmakers. We support groups of youth and women to organize forums through which they can have a voice in key local and national issues. Through different platforms ONG is capacitating women and youth groups to acquire leadership skills and ability to participate in decision making processes at local level, increase their awareness on rights and responsibilities, Specifically, ONG stresses on

  • Leadership and inclusive participation of youth, women and people with disabilities.
  • Community engagement in decision making and policy development
  • Transparency and accountability to public services delivery and resources
  • Human rights monitoring and Access to justice to marginalized women, youth and people with disability